Talent Profile

Brooke F

21, NSW
Actor, Extra, Model, Commercial Face

Physical Details

Height: 162 cm Shoe size: 9
Weight: kg Hair Length: Long
Clothing Size: 8-10 Complexion: Fair
Chest/bust: 94 cm Ethnicity: Australian
Waist/hips: 79 cm Eye colour: Green

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Experience Year Role Production Name Production Type Director
Theatre 2014 Jaydeen Pillow Talk Showcase Robert Mcquig
Other 2014 Actor HHHIC Documentary Earl King, TJ Manou
TV Commercial 2014 Hallway Extra Headspace Commercial Peter Baker
Feature Film 2014 Extra The Daughter Movie Simon Stone
Short Film 2014 Featured Extra Morning Frost Film Samual Faul
Short Film 2014 Student Extra Teenage Kicks Film Craig Boreham
TV Commercial 2014 Daughter Visa 2104 FIFA World Cup Interactive Videos ‘Samba Of The World’ Commercial Marc Furmie
Theatre 2014 Kate Watermelon Boats Showcase Robert Mcquig
Feature Film 2014 Student Extra Backtrack Movie Michael Petroni
Theatre 2013 Village Child Olivier Musical Susan Geldart
Other 2013 Extra Puberty Blues TV Show
Voice Over 2013 Questioner Cafe Murder Online Series Nadia Hammond
Mini Series 2013 Smack Super Hero Support Group Online Series Nadia Hammond
Mini Series 2013 Helen & Athena The Hysterical History of The Trojan War Online Series Nadia Hammond
Mini Series 2013 Lucy Colorado Smith & the Alexandria Musium Online Series Nadia Hammond
Dance 2012 Dancer Regionals dance festival Dance Competition Michelle Murphy
Dance 2012 Dancer Sutherland Dance Festival Live Show Kaye Thomas
Short Film 2011 Victim Bully School Spectacular L. Willis
Theatre 2010 Doorknob Alice In Wonderland Musical Dianne Regan
Other 2009 Party Extra Domestic Blitz TV Show Jess Kennedy
Feature Film 2015 School Extra Supermarket Short Film Stuart O’Rourke
Short Film 2015 Jessie The complex relationship between humans and Herbology Short Film Lauren Rountree
Mini Series 2015 Betty Cedar Sequoia International Series Dakota Lupo
Feature Film 2015 Sammi Soul Drought Film Dakota Lupo, Jonathan Brostoff, Stacee White
TV Commercial 2015 Kathy's Friend Kathy's Story “Don’t let a number define you” Commercial James Medlam


Music Skills: -   Musical Instruments: -
Sports: Scuba Diving, Other   Languages: English


Training Year Course Name Company/College
Acting2014American AccentScreenwise
Acting2014Camera TechniqueStella Adler
Acting2014Drama CompanyCronulla High School
Acting2014Senior DramaThe Art Umbrella
Acting2014Screen StudyNida
Acting2013Meisner BeginnersThe Actors Pulse
Acting2013New York Styled Screen ActingThe Actors Pulse
Acting2013DramaThe Art Umbrella
Acting2012Web Teen DramaScreen Acting
Acting2010Musical TrainingStar Power Studios
Acting2015Senior DramaThe Art Umbrella
Acting2015Screen ActingHHHIC
Acting2015Scene StudyYoung Actors Camp
Acting2015ImprovisationStella Adler
Acting2015Casting / Audition WorkshopYoung Actors Camp
Acting2015Audition WorkshopLa Verne University
Acting2015Commercial ActingSteven Wishnoff Workshop
Voice2015Voice OverYoung Actors Camp
Stunts2015Stage CombatLa Verne University
Acting2015Screen Acting / AuditioningThe Film Set
Acting2015Casting / Tape AuditioningCarole Lefko Workshop
Acting2015Actors ImaginationStella Adler
Acting2015Screen Acting / AuditioningThe film Set